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The Board of Governors, as charity trustees, have control of the School and its property and funds.

The Chair of Governors for St Christopher’s Prep School is Mr Andrew Symonds.


The 2017-18 Board of Governors


Mr Andrew Symonds, Chair of Governors

Mr Geoffrey Miller, MBE (Vice-Chairman)

Mr Joel Cohen

Mrs Carol Lazarus

Ms Alison Clare Malloch

Mr Nicholas Pink

Mr Martin Richards QPM

Mr Michael Sloan

Mr Adrian Underwood

They may be contacted through the Bursar, who is Clerk to the Governors, Mrs Mary Campbell.

St Christopher’s Prep School
33 New Church Road
Hove, East Sussex

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 School Charity: Kiya Survivors

smilesKiya Survivors is a charity which provides education, care and therapy for Peruvian children

and young people who have special needs or have been abused or abandoned.

They support over 200 children, young people and their families at five centres across Peru.

St Christopher´s has close connections with Kiya, as Suzy Butler, mum of Bruno in Year 2 is

the founder and their UK based offices are around the corner in Portland Road.

One of our teachers, Mrs Perry is going out to Peru over Easter 2013 to work with the children

and set up topics and educational links with our children at St Christopher´s.

Kiya is one of Drake House´s chosen charity this year

In Peru 60% of children under 17 live in conditions of poverty.
52% have chronic malnutrition.

A high proportion of children have no birth certificates or identity.

There a high incidence of family violence and child abuse.

In rural areas 40% of children under 11 work.
(Figures from UNICEF)

There is virtually no help for children with special needs in Peru and often they are viewed as a curse from God or the "devils children" due to fear and misunderstanding.

Over Easter 2013 I will be travelling to Northern Peru with my 14 year old daughter Ellie, to volunteer at Mama Cocha, a home for children with special needs run by Kiya Survivors. The area we are going to is one which has particularly serious needs.
We already have connections with Kiya. Ellie has done voluntary work for them in Brighton, helping with fund raising and presentations in local Brighton schools. I have known Suzy Butler the founder for 2 years through teaching Bruno. Ellie and I both speak Spanish.
We are raising money to complete this volunteer trip. Our target is to raise £2,000 each through donations and fund raising activities. All this money will go directly to the children at the centre.  Kiya take no cut out of their donations and this sum does not include personal costs associated with the trip.
 The money we raise will ensure there are enough hands to help in the centres and enough funds to ensure the centre can provide the care needed and expand to help other children who are suffering in the area.
I will also be setting up a number of in house school projects here in St Christopher´s to make connections with our own children and the children in Peru, to extend learning beyond the classroom,  link into the teaching of Spanish in school, develop awareness of issues affecting children less fortunate and encourage tolerance and  understanding in our children.
If you would like to donate please do so by writing a cheque made out to “Kiya Survivors” or donate through my justgiving site:

School Fund Raising Events 2012-2013.
In December we raised £146 through the Christmas Photo event.(portraits of children in Christmas disguise)
Early in 2013 Drake House and Mrs Perry will be doing a “Paintathon”, a 12 hour stint, painting on an enormous scale. 
Drake House cake sales over Lent Term.
Please help in any way that you can to ensure that we can make a difference to these children’s lives.
Many thanks,
Christina Perry

Overview of Kiya Survivors
Kiya (Quilla) is the Quechua word for moon, the symbol of new beginning.
Our History

Kiya Survivors was founded by Suzy Butler in 2001. Originally its aim was to support victims of the “el Niño” phenomenon on the north coast of Peru, where many of the local population had been left homeless and without support after a series of devastating natural disasters. It quickly extended its support to children and young people who have special needs after Suzy found a young autistic boy on the street, naked and unconscious after a violent attack. 

The lack of concern and obvious fear that people showed towards the boy due to his “condition” encouraged Suzy to research what support was on offer to young people with special needs. She was shocked at what she discovered and decided to stay in Peru (for 8 years) to do something about it. 

The Rainbow Centre was the first step towards improving services in the Sacred Valley and opened in January 2002 by Suzy and the Peruvian team she had successfully trained and built up. Since then Kiya Survivors has opened four further centres in the Sacred Valley and north of the country and has become an integrated part of the communities it serves. 

Rainbow Centre

The Rainbow Centre based in Urubamba, Cuzco was the first centre opened. It is the only centre dedicated to special needs in the Sacred Valley. It was opened in February 2002 and currently works with over 50 children and young people from Urubamba and surrounding villages who have some form of special needs (speech or visual/hearing problems, autism, Down’s Syndrome, cerebral palsy or have suffered abuse). 

The centre has three classrooms catering for primary age children and young adults, two therapy rooms, administrative offices, a theatre, a covered eating area and kitchen, a school shop, a farm, a football pitch and offers a dynamic and exciting programme to our students and their families.

We offer rehabilitation and free physiotherapy to children and young people in need. We have many babies, children and young adults who attend several times a week to take advantage of this unique service.
We offer social work and psychological services to the children’s families and a monthly parent workshop. Working with parents and local community members is key to our work in changing the local perception of special needs.
Our students range from 4 years to 25 years old.

The Rainbow House

For years Kiya Survivors had been looking for a solution to the dilemma of where to safely house children with special needs who had been orphaned, abandoned or abused. None of the orphanages near to The Rainbow Centre would accept children with special needs nor had adequate staff or facilities. Faced with a number of children living in desperate poverty and suffering abuse, Kiya Survivors decided to open The Rainbow House.

In early 2007 the mother of a family of six children at the forefront of our concerns died suddenly and unexpectedly. The children had been living in conditions of extreme poverty, abuse and neglect. After the death of their mother their father agreed that he was unable to look after them, due to his problem with alcohol abuse and the high level of needs of his children; three of the six children have some form of special need.

And so the Rainbow House was born.

Kiya Survivors currently rents a beautiful house in Urubamba where children can live happily and safely. There are currently six children living at the Rainbow House, cared for by two substitute mothers.

The Outreach Programme

The outreach program began in May 2008 and is run from the Rainbow Centre. The team consists of our social worker, our physiotherapist, the project coordinator and a driver.
With each of the outreach families we support, we create a programme:
This involves several stages and areas:
• An assessment of needs, risks and of the family situation
• Counseling with other members of the family
• Provision of physiotherapy if necessary
• Education about health, education and rights
• Education about hygiene and advice on how to improve their living conditions and if applicable provision of basic household items.
• Facilitating contact with local schools, clinics or other institutions relevant to the families’ individual situation and needs.  

Mama Cocha

mamaBased at Los Organos in northern Peru,Mama Cocha was opened in 2008). It currently houses seven young people. We are in the process expansion, receiving more residents from the surrounding areas. The young people who live at Mama Cocha range from 5-22 years old. 

The home consists of 2 large dormitories, a lounge, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, open spaces in which to run around and a new playground. 

The team at Mama Cocha consists of a coordinator, two substitute mothers, a speech and physiotherapist, a psychologist, a teacher and a watchman. They are all local professionals who are working unbelievably hard and making a huge difference to the young people’s lives. 

The Early Bird Centre
is a vital component at the Mama Cocha complex. It provides a platform for Kiya Survivors staff to attend to the needs of the local communities. 

We believe that by encouraging parents to give their babies regular stimulation, communication aids (sign) and positive touch (massage), we will help cut down the number of abuse cases, encourage and pro-mote bonding between parent and baby, help the baby reach their full potential in the years to come and encourage them to feel confident and respected by their parents and community. 

Twice weekly a group of twenty 4-5 year old school children attend from the school National Programme for Early Education. Here the children enjoy fun workshops designed to address three main points: Emotional Well Being, Cognitive Processing and Body Stimulation.

How to support Kiya Survivors

Volunteer with Kiya Survivors 

Kiya Survivors’ volunteer programmes are designed to give volunteers the opportunity to travel and live in Peru whilst making a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people, their families and communities. 
The volunteer programmes are Kiya Survivors’ main source of funding, providing an important service for the 200+ children and families we now support and at the same time providing an unforgettable experience for all those accepted onto the programme. 

Individual Volunteer Programme 
Available to adults 18+ from 1 month to 1 year. 

Youth Volunteer Programme Available to groups of young people aged 14-18 for stays of 2-4 weeks. 
For further details see: 
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Sponsor A Child 
Kiya Survivors has run a its Sponsor a Child programme since 2004 and in so doing sponsors provide essential help in providing for the needs of the children and young people in our care. With monthly donations from £8 per month this steady stream on money will be put to direct use in the centre your child attends. 
To sponsor a child with visit: 
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Sponsor a Project 
Kiya Survivors needs long-term supporters or investors who would like to become a real part of the work we do. There are many opportunities for individuals, companies or groups to support a Kiya Survivors project. You can either support a project in its entirety or if you are looking for something smaller take on a specific part of the project. 
For further information visit: 
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
For more information follow this link
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +44 (0) 1273 721092
41-43 Portland Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN35DQ


         Ethiopia Charity Trip July 2013


With more than 100,000 women involved in prostitution in Addis Ababa, Women at Risk ( does vital work in giving such women renewed hope and a new life. Their innovative programme not only provides counseling and rehabilitation, but furnishes women with employment and enterprise skills, and their 94% success rate is testament to this. 

In July 2013 Mr Pincott will be travelling to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia with six enthusiastic young boys and girls from St Christopher's School in Hove and one parent to deliver a week of lessons, sports and activities for children connected with the Women at Risk project, partners of the CRED Foundation (UK Charity no. 1072426).

With more than 100,000 women involved in prostitution in Addis Ababa, Women at Risk ( does vital work in giving such women renewed hope and a new life. Their innovative programme not only provides counseling and rehabilitation, but furnishes women with employment and enterprise skills, and their 94% success rate is testament to this. 

Ethiopia5They will be raising money for the CRED Foundation to cover the costs of delivering that week as a gift to those children; any money raised over and above costs will go directly to Women at Risk as a charitable gift.

The hope is that they are able to put a smile on the face of all the children and adults they meet and give them some simple happy memories to hold onto from their week with them in July 2013 which they can always look back on with fondness whenever times are tough.

The Cred Foundation

Ethiopia2Charity Registration No. 1072426
CRED Foundation partners with locally-run projects all round the world, each transforming lives in remarkable ways. CRED not only resources and helps develop these projects, but facilitates schools, colleges and young people in making a difference for themselves.

Ethiopia3The members of the team are;

Elias C Year 7
Alexander B Year 7
Angelica A H Year 7
JJ W Year 7
Mikayla G-M Year 6
Jacob A Year 6
Mr Pincott
Mrs Gaite-Moore

Thank you for taking the time to read about CRED,
W-A-R and the Ethiopia Trip July 2013


For the second year in a row, St Christopher's supported Beyond Church's Beach Hut Advent Calendar. This year, the theme was Mexican and St Christopher's children learnt about the story of the miracle of the poinsettias and Los Posados where Mexican families visit one another's home re-enacting the Christmas story.

The children had made flowers, cacti and chilli peppers to decorate the hut and the choir performed a selection of carols. Year 1 children sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Spanish.

We were delighted that Meridian TV came to film the event for the evening news although it was a very damp December 1st! BBC Breakfast TV also came along the next day and this event is due to be shown later in December along with the other Beach Hut Advent scenes.

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