Final Assembly in the sun-filled back court

As this year and our time at St Christopher's is drawing to a close, I have had time to reflect on Year 8. Year 8 has had its ups and downs and twists and turns but it has been one of the best years of my time at St Christopher's. It can be seen as a daunting time, all about exams, passing them, and getting into your choice of school. However, it has been a year of fun too. Most importantly, friendships have been built and developed and the year has continued to feel more and more like a big family. The saddest thing for me will be not seeing my school family every day.

I think everyone would agree that this year was full of making the most of our remaining time together. This meant having the best time possible. One of my fondest memories is the play, Les Misérables. It was a great experience, and a very hard show to put on for our age group. We powered through and produced this amazing show in which everyone was involved and enjoying themselves. Another great memory for me, was singing songs on the way to Thorpe Park, which was a brilliant day in itself, until we got told off by Mr Melton!

The sport has been wonderful, as both of the girls and the boys teams have been outstanding with great sportsmanship all round, especially when all played stoolball, 8H vs 8L. And although 8H won, it was so nice to experience a new sport with everyone. The best memory in boys sport is the Friday Night Lights, where one of the boys said, “It was the best rugby we have ever played, the boys all came together as a unit.” The girls sport favourite memory is winning against Lancing College in hockey, and winning by miles.

I hope all the leavers have a splendid time at their next school, and take the experiences they have learnt from at St Christopher’s forward into the next stage of their school careers. As for the rest of you, we will all miss you and wish you all the best.

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