Year 8 lead their Reception Buddies into school

The beginning of the academic year is one of my favourite times. The children are ready for the structure which school brings, excited to see their friends again and ready for the many opportunities to learn and develop which we provide. Those returning are full of energy and enthusiasm and those who are new to school have settled remarkably well.

It has been lovely to see so many parents at the gate, at presentations and welcome events and on the touchline. I am acutely aware of the demands placed on parents by work and by childcare and very grateful that attendance of school events is so good. Your support of these events and your re-enforcement of both learning and expectations within the school is of fundamental importance to the success of the children in our care.


In Assemblies I have tried to emphasise that St Christopher’s is very much a community in which we support each other, a school in which kindness, courtesy and individuality are valued most highly. I have also stressed the importance of effort, of perseverance and of resilience. Those who are most successful in life are often those who see setbacks as small obstacles to be overcome on the road to success.


I am reminded at the beginning of every term that St Christopher’s is a buzzy, energetic and happy school. Our Newsletter opens a small window into the life of the school and provides a glimpse of what we do. I hope that you enjoy it.

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