Prefects Sophia and Shona hand out Smile Day stickers to members of Year 4 at break.

Today we have been celebrating ‘World Smile Day’ and some of our senior pupils handed out stickers during breaks to those who were making others smile. It is but a small part of a reward system we have which places kindness and generosity of spirit at the very heart of school life. More than anything else, I want a culture of kindness to be embedded at St Christopher’s and I believe that it is. Our ‘Random Act of Kindness’ wristbands, our Citizenship awards and our Buddy system are visual reminders of this culture.

The Michaelmas Term seems to be rushing by and it is very clear from the number of Headmaster’s Commendations awarded and from the 1st Marks for Effort and Attainment that a lot of very good work is being done. One of the things which gives me greatest pleasure as a Headmaster is the visits to my study of individual children who have been commended for their work. Another is my regular walks around the school to observe the children at work and play. I enjoy these because I see first- hand the joy of learning which is so central to all that we do.

As I look out of my study this Friday morning, Year 1 are enjoying a P.E. lesson. There are plenty of smiles.


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