Adding and subtracting negative numbers in Mr Henderson’s al fresco Maths lesson!

Mr Sloan, a Senior Deputy Head at Brighton College spoke to the pupils this morning about moral courage, making the very clear definition between moral and physical. His words were well received by the pupils, who engaged fully with his strong message. As are many guest speakers, Mr Sloan was highly impressed by the natural warmth of the children, by their courtesy and good manners and by their forthcoming response. It gives me great pleasure that visitors to the school note qualities in the pupils which teachers place great store by and which are embedded in all that we are trying to do at St Christopher’s.

I have also taken great delight from seeing a large number of pupils this week who have been commended for their work. Our meetings reaffirm my belief that the children here gain great joy from their learning and take great pride from successes, whether those be small strides or bigger leaps in their knowledge and understanding.

Of course there has also been considerable excitement this week about Halloween. Childhood should involve some unadulterated fun, but I was rather pleased when speaking to some Year Six children at lunch that they also understand something of what All Hallows’ and, indeed, All Saints’ Day are actually about.

I wish you all a restful weekend.


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