Hugo, Head of School for Lent Term, quoted the memorable advice of Bobby McFerrin, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

It was lovely to greet many of you at the School gate on Tuesday morning and very uplifting to see the children return so well rested, so positive and so ready for the start of term. The Christmas break is an important one for children and I hope you were all able to enjoy their wonder and excitement while also having a rest over the festive season. However, holidays have a lifespan and I think they (and possibly you) were ready for the structure which school brings, for days spent with friends and for the opportunity to learn in and outside the classroom.

In his beginning of term address, the Head of School spoke upliftingly about making the most of things and being grateful for all that we have, about seeing the chink of sunlight rather than the grey sky, or the snowdrop, that harbinger of Spring, emerging from cold, hard soil.

The Lent Term is a short one and, more than any other term, classroom learning must take priority, but there is plenty going on outside the classroom to give balance to the children’s diet. As ever, the School Calendar, in a new form which I hope you like, lists the events of which you should be aware. I would like to draw to the attention of Year 5 parents the important presentation I am giving on Tuesday afternoon which begins the process of supporting you through the intricate and sometimes confusing process of choosing senior schools.


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