8L take a moment away from preparing for the Mock Exams to practise cleaning windows and leaning on lamp posts.

I receive daily news articles from the Independent Schools Council which cover all manner of educational issues, some rather tediously going over tired old debates without bringing anything new to the table but many of interest as they engage with very topical issues of relevance and interest to educators and parents.There is an ongoing debate about whether League Tables are a good thing or do damage. I feel that they would do enormous damage, like any statistic, if not placed in context by those who use them. But I also believe that educated adults will view the data intelligently and perceptively and that to conceal that data is patronising. I will therefore be sending to parents next week the most recent League Tables of A level results.

Academic achievement and results are undoubtedly important, but of course there is much more to a good education than good academic results. I was delighted, therefore, to celebrate in Assembly this morning those who entered our Art Challenge Week, those who have been successful in Dance and Drama Exams, those who have excelled or tried very hard in Sports fixtures and those who have been kind or supportive of others. Lauding academic success or a passion for learning does not come at the cost of celebrating all round achievement; the two go together.

I hope that the many achievements celebrated in this Newsletter will prove an uplifting start to your weekend.


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