Fun this morning with a “Who can build the tallest snowman?” competition.

For the first time this winter it is cold and as I write this on a frosty January morning, the playground I look out on has a white sheen on which a number of children are enjoying sliding, just as they should. I gather that in parts of the United States it is genuinely cold with a ‘polar vortex’ causing unimaginable temperatures. How lucky we are in temperate Hove.

On Tuesday morning I went on a snoop around the school, a ‘Learning Walk’ is the term used in schools. I could not have been more impressed by the teaching and learning I saw. Classroom displays were vibrant, teaching methods were imaginative and varied and the children were thoroughly engaged with their learning. I was pleased to see the imaginative use of technology in some classes but equally pleased to see interactive whiteboards switched off in some classrooms while more traditional learning took place. In every class I observed there was a sense of purposefulness and engagement. I finished my snoop feeling both uplifted and rather proud.

I wish you all a warm and relaxing weekend and our national sportsmen the best of luck in Dublin and Antigua, where I fear they might be up against it.

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