Steve Vranakis of Google gave a fantastic Assembly on Thursday about how technology is only as good as the creativity that inspires it.

On Thursday morning, Mr Vranakis, Executive Creative Designer at Google and father of Athina, Stefano and Niko spoke to the children in Assembly. His emphasis was on the creativity of the work being done by those who work for Google. It was uplifting to muse on the human intelligence which is exploiting technology to provide opportunities for us to learn and to find solutions. I came out of Assembly thinking that the wonders of modern technology and what it enables should not be underestimated but nor should our responsibility for helping children to manage it.

A world away from technology, our sports players had a very successful afternoon on Wednesday in both Netball and Rugby fixtures. For our senior pupils the matches provided a welcome mid-week break from mock examinations. There were plenty of wins but I am equally pleased that so many pupils were out on playing fields enjoying their sport, whether for the 1st Netball V11 or the Under 9B Rugby team.

I do hope that the mist clears for you to enjoy the warm and sunny weather forecast over the weekend and look forward to seeing many of you at the family quiz organised by the Parents’ Association.

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