Sports Day and Prize Giving guest of honour, Old Boy Dominic Ferris, with the Heads of School.

It was lovely to see so many parents on Sports Day, a joyful occasion of athletics and celebration. Though our guest speaker Dominic Ferris was difficult to trump, I was very proud of the two Heads of School who spoke. Their carefully chosen and touching words showed a real sense of the occasion, and their delivery was extraordinarily composed and confident for ones so young. Our Year 8 children have proved tremendous ambassadors for the school and given an outstanding lead. The most senior pupils in any school play a very important role in setting the tone and in providing an example to others. I am very proud of every single one of them.

Those very pupils put on a performance of Little Shop of Horrors on Thursday evening to a very appreciative audience. It was a vibrant show, beautifully staged, and enthusiastically and impressively performed at The Barn Theatre. Mrs Griffiths and her team have done a wonderful job in bringing out the best in the pupils, many of whom are performing at a theatre for the first time. I look forward to seeing many parents at The Barn this evening, others at the Parents’ Association Beach Club Barbecue on Saturday evening and some at the Parents’ Cricket match on Sunday afternoon.

The end of the academic year is packed full of events and all the better for it. Your children, however, might need a good rest at the weekend, ready for the final week of term.

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