Year 8 met their Reception Buddies on Monday

As the end of the second week draws to a close, your children seem to be in very good spirits and to have settled well into term. The overwhelming impression I form from talking to pupils around the school is that they are excited to be at school, ready for the challenges of learning in the classroom, and keen to seize the opportunities that lie ahead. The youngest have been introduced to their Buddies, the first sports fixture involved a huge number of children, and Choir and Drama rehearsals are up and running. The full programme of activities will follow in the week to come.

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing many of you at evenings hosted by the school, at the school gates and on the touch line, just as I have enjoyed the opportunities I have had to talk with your children about their Summer holidays.

This morning, you should have received an electronic copy of the School Yearbook 2018-19, edited by Mr Holt. Mr Stead’s most recent video, a pictorial montage of the year that has passed, has recently been posted on our website. Both give a colourful insight into what we do at St Christopher’s, as well as providing an advertisement for what lies ahead.

 I do hope that you all enjoy the first Newsletter of the academic year, a snapshot of the week which has passed.

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