Year 5 in Mrs Griffiths’ fantastic production of Matilda.

The Year 5 production of Matilda was a delight for the children, their parents, and the many teachers and parent volunteers who supported. The pupils, as they so often do, rose to the occasion, and the joyfulness of childhood combined with the imaginative flair of a very creative director to result in a sparkling performance. Drama at St Christopher’s is in very good shape and continues to give to your children opportunities to build their confidence and their collaboration. Above all it was great fun. I hope that it lifted the spirits of all who were there as much as it did the Headmaster’s.

Rehearsals are moving forward apace for the Reception and Year 1 Nativities and our choirs are now rehearsing for the major end of term events which Advent brings. Next Thursday, Schola are singing at All Saints as part of the City Charity Concert held there, having sung to the residents of a local care home in the morning, and on Friday we have our Courtyard Carols. Please do join us for an occasion which should get us all into the festive mood. Those of you who have children of pre-school age are welcome to bring them to the activities we put on for nursery aged children as part of our ‘Christmas Elves Workshop’.

As excitement builds, I form the impression that many of the children are tired – it has been a busy term. I hope that they and you have a very restful weekend.


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