As part of Wellbeing Week, Year 4 Latin looked at a famous phrase from Ancient Rome. Amelie explained it in her own words as “I have mental health and physical health”, which is a jolly good way of looking at it.

A healthy body is important, a healthy mind possibly more so, and this week we have been focusing your children’s thoughts on this. Good sleep, a good diet, and a positive outlook have all been features of discussions. A big thank you to Mrs Newby for sharing her expertise on diet and nutrition and to Miss Lowe for organising presentations and seminars which encouraged thought.

Miss Lowe’s Assembly on Thursday morning focused on the theme of courage, using the phrase, ‘Find my brave’, the theme of Children’s Mental Health Week. Though the phrase is grammatically clumsy and, of course, not of Miss Lowe’s choosing, the theme is a very good one and well worth following up with your children. I believe, for example, that a fear of getting things wrong provides a real barrier to success and that children need to remember that mistakes should be seen as a vehicle for learning – we all make them.

Half term comes at the right time – the children are tired and ready for a break. This has been a half term crammed full of Drama and Music and Sport and work and play, and it is no wonder they are tired. Our Year 8 pupils will want to do some revision as recommended by their teachers but they too should have a really good break from study so that they return to school fully rested in both body and mind.

I hope to see many of you at Brighton Rugby Club this evening at what I hope will be a splendid sporting occasion. I wish your children a very happy half term holiday.

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