We welcomed Reverend Rosie Amess, Chaplain to Brighton College, to our school yesterday. She took part in a Year 8 RS & Philosophy lesson, and joined the Headmaster for lunch.

As I write, the playground basks in sunshine, a welcome relief after the rain we have had and which I thought would never stop. It is entertaining to see the children, attired in their colourful World Book Day costumes playing basketball – a judge has just managed what I believe is called a slam dunk and James Bond is controlling mid court. The Upper School children are thoroughly enjoying the work they are doing with Nicky Singer, and their Pre-Prep counterparts are having a lot of fun with their own visiting author, Sophy Henn.

It saddens me enormously that so many events and activities our pupils were looking forward to have been cancelled owing to the rapid spread of coronavirus in Europe and in this country; a situation which is developing and changing by the day. However, I have found it uplifting that the children have been so understanding. We have made the decisions we have in the belief that this is the right thing to do for our pupils. I hope that we are steering the right course, but I would like to apologise for the inevitable frustrations and disappointment that our decisions may cause to you, your children and families.

You will see from this Newsletter how much we are still doing, while the adjustments to our end of term programme have drawn very firmly to my attention what a rich schedule of events and activities the teachers at St Christopher’s organise for our pupils. I do hope that the sunshine we are enjoying today lasts through the weekend and that you are able to enjoy it with your families.


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