Story time with the Headmaster for the Reception children of key workers.

As week four of remote learning draws to a close, it is worth reflecting on things about which we can be pleased. The fortitude of your children is certainly one, as they manage impressively a process very new to them and restrictions very alien. The dedication of their teachers is another, as they work harder than ever to ensure that learning continues apace and that support is given to their pupils which goes well beyond academic lessons. A third is the sense of community which has seen parents, teachers and pupils pulling together and trying to support each other. We haven’t got everything right in our provision – no school has – but I think we can be satisfied, even proud, of what has been achieved.

The children who have been in school have been wonderfully cheerful. In many ways they have been like a big family with the oldest helping the very youngest and a real culture of support the most noticeable feature. It is rather a large family, but seeing them play, witnessing that wide eyed wonder which learning brings and watching the interaction between children of all ages has been a joy.

I hope that you are all able to enjoy a break over the lengthened weekend. Of course the celebrations to mark Victory in Europe cannot be as intended, or replicate the coming together of the nation in one giant party in May, 1945. However, I do believe that Friday will offer us the opportunity to reflect on why it is important to mark the 75th Anniversary of the beginning of a peace in Europe which has lasted. Sunday will bring important news about the gradual lifting of lockdown. I hope that it is news which is good for you all and for your children.


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