5M Fancy Dress Form Time.

Communication between those who find themselves separated in these times has taken on a new resonance, and I am delighted to hear that our oldest pupils will spend a little time over Half Term crafting hand-written letters to their Reception and Year 1 Buddies. Our culture of nurture and kindness is at the heart of St Christopher’s, and I am sure that the letters received by our very youngest pupils will make them feel that we are still very much one big family, and inspire them to practise their own writing in reply. At a time when technology reigns, some things will remain timeless, and be looked back upon as precious in future years.

This edition of the Newsletter contains much evidence of the engaging and creative lessons delivered by our dedicated, inspiring, and resourceful teachers. An article in Tuesday’s edition of The Times assumed that independent schools are “delivering lessons each morning via a Hogwarts’ owl”. Whilst I cannot claim St Christopher’s Remote Learning Programme is quite as exciting as that, the comments I continue to receive suggest that your children are learning and thriving in these unusual times. As well as evidence of this, our Newsletter continues to feature some marvellous examples of the Co-Curricular projects being undertaken every afternoon. I hope the passions for art, construction, cookery, gardening, sporting activity, and newfound creativity in general are all things that will transcend lockdown.

We have, I believe, some glorious weather ahead of us during Half Term. I hope you and your families can make the most of it. There are promising signs of a return to normality, true community, and celebration on the other side of it. There may be a way to go yet, but we go there together.


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