Children in Reception and Year 1 have been receiving letters from their Upper School Buddies, and some of them have been inspired to write back!

I have been very impressed by the engagement our pupils have shown in a rich variety of co-curricular activities over the course of the term. Baking has clearly been popular, and so too the creative arts. It has been uplifting to see the photographs, the paintings, the models, the cakes, and the many other examples of imaginative projects. I am equally pleased to see that the old art of letter writing is being practised by our oldest and youngest children. At a time when technology is more important than ever, a handwritten letter counts for so much, and simple pleasures have taken on a new importance.

Our pupils have clearly also thrown themselves into charity initiatives, as the pictures of the Sponsored Walk featured in this edition show. Sam in Year 5 running the equivalent of a marathon is worth special mention. I am delighted that so many children participated to raise money for the excellent work done by our House charities. Thinking of others and doing for others have been fulfilling diversions at a time when our pupils have had every right to languish in self-pity.

The unprecedented strangeness of life as it is today will be something your children will never forget. The fortitude they have shown has been remarkable. I am so pleased that we are able to welcome our Year 8 pupils back to school next week for a few fun events and activities. We have not been able to celebrate all that they have achieved at St Christopher’s as we would have liked, or as they have deserved, but we are extremely proud of them.

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