8H practise their semaphore.

We have fairly galloped through September, helped by the wonderful weather that month brought. Autumn seems now to be with us, but as I look out on the first puddles on the playground, I can reflect on how very well the return to school has gone. Your children have quickly settled to their learning, they have adapted very well to a school that has to be slightly different, and I continue to enjoy observing our pupils at work and at play. That play at break time, without football dominating, has been wonderfully imaginative. Working in a school is extremely rewarding when the pupils are so visibly enjoying themselves and so purposeful in the classroom.

We are now looking forward to Harvest Festival, elements of which we are planning to film, to marking Remembrance Day, to a recital, and to some of the big events of the second half of term. I am sad that we cannot invite you to these events as we usually would, but this Newsletter gives you a glimpse of life at school; visual testament to children enjoying life and learning at St Christopher’s.

During the week you received a letter from Mr Melton about the importance of reading. We are very grateful for what you are doing at home to encourage reading. It makes such a difference to every child’s learning as well as developing a habit which will bring lifetime joy.


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