A socially distanced Chamber Choir performs in the Hall for Harvest Festival on Thursday, beamed live into every classroom!

Yesterday morning we held our Harvest Festival Service remotely. In normal circumstances we would walk the children to St Philip’s Church, a line of red stretching along New Church Road. Our service this morning was far removed from our usual rendition of We Plough the Fields and Scatter and we could not enjoy the wonders of a local church. Nonetheless, Intermediate Choir sang Picture of Autumn robustly, Reception showed great gusto in their rendition of Big Red Combine Harvester, Chamber Choir sang Alive in Me beautifully, and Year 5 & 6 Choir led us in the aforementioned hymn. 

Above all the occasion enabled us to think with gratitude of all the good things we have. We are very privileged to have in our lives good food, comfortable homes, friendship, and love. This is a time when I ask our pupils to give thought to all those who do not have those things. It is important to do so.

I am delighted that our support for Off The Fence has been so embraced by parents – thank you. The appeal remains open until Monday evening, so there is still time to contribute. Thank you also for your patience as we do our very best to give variety to your children at school. I am only sorry that we are unable to invite you to live events which show how engaged they are and how much they are enjoying school. They will be ready for Half Term. I wish them and you a very happy one.

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