A socially distanced dance rehearsal on the front playground.

Our Christmas trees arrived today. On Monday, our pupils will arrive and depart from school with lights sparkling. Chamber Choir are rehearsing for our Carol Service, the youngest children for their Nativities, and staff for a slightly less polished version of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. Pupils are also enjoying practising a dance of South African origins, called ‘Jerusalema’. In Forms, every pupil will join in a filmed dance next Wednesday; they’re rather good at it. We hope to make recordings available to parents of these festive activities.

Dancing, singing, and a wide range of sports and active learning have perhaps been more important to our pupils than at any time; a rich co-curricular diet to compliment the very good learning which continues in the classroom. I continue to take great pleasure from seeing pupils’ commended work and from witnessing purposeful learning every day in the classroom.

As we move towards the end of a term which has presented its challenges for all – pupils, teachers and you, our parents – I cannot help but feel a little proud of how our community has risen to those challenges. Throughout we have been bolstered by the joy of watching our pupils enjoying their classroom learning, their play, and all that has happened outside the classroom.

Finally, I would like to commend the charity initiatives of Louis Ebenezer, one of our three Heads of School.

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