In Geography, Year 5 designed their own Kenyan postage stamps inspired by the native wildlife.

have just finished signing over 170 Headmaster’s Commendations reflecting the terrific work our pupils of all ages are doing in a wide and disparate range of subjects and topics. Doing so was confirmation of the engagement I am seeing in remote lessons I am presently observing. This morning I felt very privileged to observe a Geography lesson on the proposed third runway at Heathrow in which the children showed impressive knowledge of the detail of the proposal, as well as the ability to question and challenge the accuracy of a short film marketing the project.

There has also been a focus on pupil wellbeing this week. Nothing, of course, is more important to us at St Christopher’s, but if the response of the children is anything to go by (echoed by the engagement that they are showing with their learning), then I feel reassured in my belief that our pupils are managing the disappointments which lockdown brings with considerable fortitude.

I would like to draw your attention to the Family Quiz, being organised for you by the Parents’ Association next Friday. It should be great fun and I hope that lots of parents will want to join in and participate. I will join at the beginning and leave before I can be embarrassed by gaps in my knowledge.

A Newsletter can convey only so much of all that is being done, but I hope that this one will give you a glimpse of what I have seen this week and that it lifts your spirits. I hope also that a decent showing by England’s cricketers and rugby players will buoy us all, just as Brighton and Hove Albion’s tremendous midweek win against Liverpool gave many of us joy on Wednesday night.

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