Some of the fantastic costumes, and author and storyteller Adam Bushnell, who was our online guest for World Book Day.

Monday 8th March will be a landmark day for school children coming in to school for the first time since the end of Michaelmas Term, Wednesday 9th December for St Christopher’s pupils. There will be mixed emotions, excitement to be seeing their friends again but also some apprehension after a long period of lockdown. We are very excited that the school will be full again and we are ready to give our pupils all the support they need as well as plenty of fun. Let’s hope that Zoom and remote learning are terms of the past.

I have further good news on the Scholarship front. Congratulations to Oli in 8H and to Yasmin in 8L on their Sports Scholarships to Bede’s, a school they impressed with their cricketing potential. This brings the number of Scholarships won to nine with, I hope, lots more come.

World Book Day has brought a little extra sparkle to the last day of remote learning, with the children dressed in an array of costumes. They have particularly enjoyed the wonderful stories of Adam Bushnell, who seems to have the same impact as Gandalf returning to The Shire in J.R.R. Tolkien’s work. Our thanks to Adam for the excitement he has brought.

I hope you enjoy the many images within, a record of a way of learning and of life which I hope we are leaving behind. Have a sunny and restful weekend.v

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