Year 5 and 6 line up in their Bubbles having played in separate sections of the playground.

It’s wonderful to have your children back in school and to hear the halls and corridors resounding to the sound of chatter and of laughter. They are excited to be with each other and to see their teachers, to be in the classroom and on the games field and to play with each other. There is purposefulness in the classroom and plenty of joy outside it.

Yesterday I had the privilege of individual meetings with every pupil in 8H to discuss their academic progress as they look forward to their final term at St Christopher’s. Strong foundations are in place for success in what are challenging Scholarship examinations. However, I was most impressed by the maturity every one of them showed in identifying targets for improvement. Next week I will be seeing the pupils in 8L and I am confident that they will show the same clear sense of what they need to do over the coming ten weeks. Then, of course, they can look forward to our Leavers’ Programme, a well-deserved summer holiday and life at senior school. They will be ready.

As you will see from the pages herein, we have been keen to provide for our pupils of all ages plenty of time outside, playing sport and engaging in fun activities. They have thrown themselves into their sport and outdoor pursuits with wholehearted enthusiasm, undaunted by the rain on Wednesday afternoon. There are sunnier days to come.

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