Tuesday saw a cascade of colour for House Celebration Day, supporting four local charities.

The school was full of red, blue, green and yellow on Tuesday morning as your sons and daughters embraced with typical enthusiasm House Celebration Day and the support of charities chosen by their Houses. The House Quiz was hotly contested and good sums raised for charities which have been the subject of a number of recent Assemblies. This morning we celebrated a term which has been rich in achievement and in learning, despite difficulties to overcome. It has certainly been good to have the children back over the last fortnight and I look forward to a Summer Term when we can play and sing and dance and mix more freely. I would like to thank you, our parents, for giving such wholehearted support to teachers who have worked so very hard to ensure that your children’s learning has not suffered over lockdown. They could not have done so without that support.

Today, many will be running laps of our Glebe Villas playing fields and then it will be home for the Easter holidays. It is also the last day for Mr Samrah, who leaves us to start a career in the world of business. He has been an excellent Junior Master, and I would like to thank him for all he has done for the pupils and staff of our school.

I wish you all a sunny and happy break.

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