Housemistress:  Mrs S Goodwin
Housemistress:  Mme N Landroit
Head of House:  Johnny Addison 8L

Anson House, meet every third Tuesday at 8.40am. The children meet in the Music Room and celebrate their achievements and discuss ways they can raise money for their House charity of 2015/16 - Fairshare Sussex.

Fairshare Sussex help to feed hungry people in Brighton by distributing excess and donated food.

Beth Parry who heads up the Brighton office will be speaking in Assembly on 10th March 2016.

Fairshare Sussex

Anson House is represented by the colour yellow! The children compete with great enthusiasm in all the House competitions that take place throughout the year. Every Friday morning in assembly they look forward to hearing the announcement of House positions for the week to see how they have done.

The House is named after George Anson who was the First Lord of the Admirality of 1751. He captured many treasure ships in his time and is known as the Sea Captain who captured one of the largest prizes of £400,000.

The inspiration for Anson children is to raise the most money they can for their House Charity and win the most pluses for their House.

Go Anson!

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