House Tutors:  Mrs S Goodwin & Mr W Groves
Head of House:  Millie K-W, 8L

Anson House, meet in the Music Room and celebrate their achievements and discuss ways they can raise money for their House charity.

Anson House is represented by the colour yellow! The children compete with great enthusiasm in all the House competitions that take place throughout the year. Every Friday morning in assembly they look forward to hearing the announcement of House positions for the week to see how they have done.

The House is named after George Anson who was the First Lord of the Admirality of 1751. He captured many treasure ships in his time and is known as the Sea Captain who captured one of the largest prizes of £400,000.

The inspiration for Anson children is to raise the most money they can for their House Charity and win the most pluses for their House.

Go Anson!

House Tutors: Mr C Holt & Mrs S Griffiths
Head of House: Mani L, 8L

Drake House is named after perhaps the most famous of British seafarers. We are proud to wear the colour red on Sports Day and other inter House occasions. We won last year's Tug Of War in a thrilling final!

We are perhaps most proud of our fundraising achievements last year, raising hundreds of pounds for charity through a variety of activities. This year, we are proud to support The Rockinghorse Appeal, which raises money for the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital, an establishment that has helped many of us and our families over the years. Last year, the charity celebrated its 50th anniversary.



The Nelson House Team

Nelson is a vibrant, supportive and enthusiastic House and has a proud tradition of winning the House Shield. Nelsonites have a wide range of skills, from sporting prowess and artistic and musical talents to academic excellence and our House colour is green.

All the Houses support different local charities each year and this year Nelson is supporting the Gracec Eyre Foundation.

House Tutors: Mr D Lawson & Miss N Rogers

Head of House: Harry M, 8H


Med Howe web

House Tutors: Mr L Stead & Mrs J Griffiths
Head of House: Christopher C, 8L

Howe is a fantastic house to be part of - the children are hard working and enthusiastic!

Last Year we won the Michalemas and Lent Term House competition - making sure that there is lots of blue on the House shield - Well done! lets do it again this year! We were also fantastic winners of the House Song Competition - shown in the picture above.

Keep the pluses and commendations coming in and keep up the good work supporting eachother across the school.

Last year we also raised over £389.86 for Lumos, the charity created by JK Rowling which works to help the millions of children worldwide in institutions to return to their families. Thank you to everyone in Howe for their fundrasing and to all those who donated to this great cause.

This year we are supporting the RSPCA and their excellent work rescuing animals and furthering the welfare cause for all animals. We look forward to handing them a big cheque at the end of the year for their fantastic work. Thank you in advance for all your support with fundraising!


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