A biology lesson takes place on Zoom, and children engage in remote learning at school (for key workers) and at home.

Already a school that makes excellent use of the GSuite of apps from Google, St Christopher’s has adapted swiftly and highly efficiently to the challenge of online learning.

In the Pre-Prep, children use Tapestry (in EYFS) and St Christopher’s Connect, a child-friendly website made by the school, and Zoom (a video conferencing tool) to interact with their teachers and fellow pupils. The children follow a varied but flexible program of activities. The morning is normally dedicated to the more traditionally academic subjects such as Maths and English.

In Middle and Upper School, pupils interact with staff via Zoom sessions, and each class has its own Google Classroom set up for the allocation of tasks, online feedback from teachers, and submission and marking of work. A wide variety of online platforms are used to make lessons varied and enjoyable, and as interactive as possible. Pupils can work online together on shared projects, editing the same document simultaneously. Form tutors meet with their class every morning to discuss how the children are coping with the ongoing situation, and handle any academic or pastoral concerns accordingly.

The pupils have been supplied with packs of printed resources to support their learning, as we believe it is important for children not to spend too long looking at a screen. Teachers have planned lessons carefully to include opportunities for children to complete work on the computer and by hand.

A large part of the afternoon is devoted to Co-curricular time, with Sports staff creating exercise videos and sporting challenges to help the children keep active. Beyond this, the children are engaged in a wide variety of projects away from a computer screen, and encouraged to share pictures of their endeavours. Our weekly Newsletter shares the best of these with our community. Fantastic artwork, a veritable Bake Off, and inventive ways to stay fit and healthy have all featured in recent weeks.

Please see our document A Parent’s Guide to Learning from Home, which can be downloaded here, for more details.

pdfA Parent's Guide to Learning from Home