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The Head’s reflections on the week

Posted: 1st July 2022

Sometimes one good thing has to end for another good thing to begin. As we stand at the end of another school year we mark the end of so many good things and the beginning of so many more. All of the children have made excellent progress over the year and, as each child finishes this school year, they can look back on their progress and look forward to the next set of challenges. Now is exactly the right time to set goals for next year and I encourage everyone to do so. Read your child’s school report with them and discuss their progress and successes and then discuss what they want to achieve next year. Encourage them to set their goals high.

Consider one or two goals that focus on school, one that is focused on co-curricular activities like sport or music or the arts, and one that is a personal goal, something they want to improve about themselves. Alongside ‘neater handwriting’, ‘get 70% in Maths CE’ and ‘make the 1st team’, include goals like, ‘be brave’ or ‘brush off disappointments quickly’ or ‘be more patient’. Then, and this is important, write them down and include some actions that are needed to reach the goal.

Don’t over complicate it! We all know that the best way to have better handwriting is to practise handwriting regularly. Similarly, making the 1st team requires lots of practice and acting on the feedback from sports coaches.Throughout the year, revisit and tweak and change as needed. You will see that, very quickly, actions will become habits and good habits will lead to success.

At St Christopher’s we are in the habit of setting school-wide goals at the end of each school year, looking forward to the next. The goals we set last year have led to some outstanding successes this year. Looking back, we were successful in so many areas: exam results, senior school places, happy children who are stretched and challenged every day, sporting success, charity fundraising totals, top-quality performances in front of live audiences, investment in Glebe, and a new school website that is on track for a September launch. And so many more.

As I write, the final number of Year 7 and 8’s production of Bugsy Malone is still in my head, as I’m sure it is for many of you who saw the show last night. The words “You give a little love and it all comes back to you; we’re going to be
remembered for the things we say and do” are sound advice for our leavers as they prepare to start senior school, those who move up a year, and those who will join us in the Autumn.

So as one good thing ends, the cycle begins again. For our Year 8 pupils, the St Christopher’s class of 2022, they leave us to embark on their new lives; a completely new adventure and a new good thing. I wish them all the best and I look forward to seeing everyone else in September.

Have a wonderful summer break.

Ms Elizabeth Lyle, Head

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