Blog: Seeking Higher Things

The Head’s reflections on the week

2nd February 2024

This week, I am going to focus on exams, as that is exactly what our Upper School children are doing at present, with Year 7 exams next week and the…

The Head’s reflections on the week

29th January 2024

We are celebrating our first Scholarship Award of the year. The assessments and awards for Co-curricular areas take place much earlier in the year than the Academic ones; there are…

The Head’s reflections on the week

19th January 2024

In my Assembly to the Middle and Upper school pupils today I talked about the importance of travel. I think travel is essential to a well-rounded education. Travel pushes us…

The Head’s reflections on the week

12th January 2024

St Christopher’s started the new year with an inspiring speech from our Head of School for Lent Term, Christopher in 8R. In his speech, Christopher explained that giving a speech…

The Head’s reflections on the week

7th December 2023

School years, like many things, occur in cycles – cycles of weeks, terms, and academic years. It is hard to believe that only fourteen weeks ago St Christopher’s pupils were…

The Head’s reflections on the week

1st December 2023

One of the very best things any Head can wish for is the support of the parents in their school community. An active Parents’ Association that supports and enriches the…

The Head’s book recommendation of the week

24th November 2023

Parenting expert, Elizabeth O’Shea, says that the relationship parents build with their children in the pre-teen years will help get them through the more challenging teen years. Her point, of…

The Head’s reflections on the week

17th November 2023

Anti-Bullying Week is a nationwide event, and we were proud to take part this week. It is a sad fact that many people experienced bullying at some point in their…

The Head’s reflections on the week

10th November 2023

I would like to start by celebrating some great success in Sport and the Arts. Last Friday, just too late to make the Newsletter, the 1st XI played Hove Park…

The Head’s reflections on the week

3rd November 2023

One of the simplest and most important life lessons, accessible to even our youngest children is: Nobody Is Perfect. The earliest Greek philosophers pointed out that if we learn from…

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