girls sat at their desks in the classroom
young boy holding a pencil

Learning in the Pre-Prep

Our children learn both in and outside of the classroom. Throughout the year, the boys and girls are given many enrichment opportunities to support their learning. Forest School is also a staple in the timetable up to Year 3 as is beach school in the summer term.

Our Reception curriculum includes weekly lessons in French, PE, Music, Art, ICT taught by our specialist teachers. The children learn to read, write, count and work together. Their confidence grows and they make great progress by the team they move up to ‘big school’ in Year 1.

Technology is introduced as a focus of  learning from Reception so that all children can understand the range of technology around us. Chromebooks, Tablets and other devices are all used to support and enhance the children’s learning and better prepare them for their next stage with computing in the Prep School.

Our children are taught by passionate and highly qualified primary teaching professionals. They are taught the traditional subjects such as Maths, English language and science as well as benefiting from specialist taught lessons in ICT, performing arts, art, PE, languages and swimming (for Year 2 only).