students playing under the sun

About Us

St Christopher’s is a co-educational Prep School for children aged 4-13 in the heart of Hove. Part of the Brighton College family of schools, we are a school that balances many strengths. We nurture the unique nature within every child, offer them daily inspiration, and prepare them for their perfect next step.

St Christopher’s has a strong heritage and tradition, yet balances this beautifully with a contemporary approach to learning and the future skills that our pupils will require. We have a strong bond with Brighton College, and a large number of our pupils move onto Brighton College at Year 9. However, we also have the independence to ensure that each and every child finds the path that is right for them.

There is a unique magic about St Christopher’s that can be felt from the moment you walk through the school gates. There is an ease within the school’s atmosphere that means everyone feels comfortable, included and valued. Talents are celebrated at every level and children are not narrowly defined as ‘academic’, ‘sporty’ or ‘creative’ – they can be all these things.

The best way to feel this magic for yourself is to visit the school.