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Beyond the Pre-Prep Classroom

The Arts

Each class has a weekly performing arts lesson with the focus of music, drama and dance varying each term. Numerous events throughout the year give the children the opportunity to perform giving lots of them their moment to shine. Each year group in Pre-Prep presents a drama production in the course of the year.


School Trips

Pre-Prep have a varied  programme of enrichment activities which are incorporated into their curriculum learning such as visiting the zoo, National Trust sites, the library, Wild Beach visits, Forest School, and historical places such as Preston Manor.


Pre-Prep sport at St Christopher’s focuses on extending the pupils’ fundamental movement skills through playing our 5 main sports; Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball and Rugby. These Games sessions are in addition to the Pre-Prep pupils’ weekly PE lesson and have a greater focus on teamwork and understanding sport, preparing pupils for more competitive sport as they grow through their time at St Christopher’s.

After School Club

Our Pre-Prep After School Club is a relaxed and friendly environment for our Reception pupils at our Glebe Villas site and for Year 1 to 3 pupils at our main site. The After School Club starts at the end of the school day and runs until 5.30pm everyday.

As the pupils attend After School Club on a regular basis, the staff know the children well and they are able to plan activities together. From arts and crafts to jigsaws and even dancing there is a lot to keep the children entertained.

Pupils are encouraged to bring a healthy snack and enjoy the free flow environment up until 5.30pm. Booking is advised early on in the term and is charged to your termly account.