Meet Our Pupils


Rufus tells us about life as a pupil at St Christopher’s. Acting as Head Boy for the Lent Term, he is proud of his achievements and has enjoyed his journey throughout the school. We celebrate his success with him by congratulating him on achieving a place at Brighton College for September 2023.

I started at St Christopher’s in Reception but as I have two older brothers I think I first came into the school when I was just a few days old. I’m 12 now and I’ve been here for nine amazing years and was so excited to be made Head Boy last summer.

“Being at St Christopher’s has always felt like being part of a big family. I’m sad to be in my final year at school but feel really lucky to have had such a happy journey through the school.”

One of the things I love the most about St Christopher’s is the people: the teachers and pupils, the friendships I hope I have made for life. Because our school is small you get to know everyone pretty quickly. I love being able to talk to the younger children and I loved talking to the older children when I was little. The buddy system has helped me understand how important it is to be a good role model. Plus I have a lot of fun meeting my buddy every morning at the school gate; reading with him, seeing him skip around the school.  I really enjoy helping all of the younger children, being there for them if they need anything around school. I love it when they ask a question or want advice about something. I feel responsible and honored when I am with my buddy. 

My big passion in life is cricket and we play a lot of that at school. I have to wait patiently through the football season and rugby season before we get to the summer. But I love playing matches all year round; whether we win or lose we always love travelling on the minibuses to other schools and having a singalong and everyone loves match teas. I am cricket captain this year and I can’t wait to have some input into the way we play our matches.  

My favourite year at St Christopher’s was Year 4. Our learning was all Harry Potter themed and we had an incredible trip to Harry Potter World which was an amazing experience. We also have some amazing days out and residential trips. Quadbiking was definitely a highlight and I loved the three day trip to the Isle of Wight in Year 7. I think these trips give us a lot of independence and help us learn how to look after ourselves when we are away from home. 

It is a huge honour for me to be Head of School for the Lent Term. St Christopher’s has done so much for me over the years, so I’m really happy to represent the school and show others what a great experience you can have at my school. 

When I look back at St Christopher’s in the future I’m sure I will remember all the brilliant times and experiences I’ve had, on the sports field, in a minibus, on a day trip or in the classroom! 


I came to St Christopher’s in Year 5 having not lived in the UK for many years. I had only done 3 of the subjects taught, but everyone helped me to catch up, learn and grow.

I have been given so many opportunities to develop and have been taught things I’ve never known. I found a new love of sport. I had never played team sports but with my teachers’ help and a lot of perseverance I’ve been able to become hockey captain this year.

If I had been told 3 years ago that this would happen I wouldn’t have believed it. St Christopher’s teachers, and my friends, really believed in me and opened my eyes to new passions and goals that I wanted to achieve.  

I came from a very small happy school and was delighted to find St Christopher’s is just like a family. I loved my old school but one of the challenges was that there weren’t many other children in my year so it was hard to find life long friends. At St Christophers I have met the most amazing people, friends who I think will be with me for the rest of my life. Everyone is kind and we have a lot of fun.

When I joined in Year 5 it was so easy to settle in. Straight away everyone made me feel welcomed and cared for. I felt people were there for me. I love the fact that this is a small school so teachers know the students individually and how they can help each pupil. Everyone also knows each other so it’s easy to talk to people.

We get to go on school trips and I think my favourite one was the Isle of Wight trip in Year 7. We did so many fun activities like the giant swing and spent time with our friends. St Christopher’s school trips are so fun and I can’t wait to go on more. At the end of Year 8 students get to go on a leavers trip, and I cannot wait for that as I’ve heard so many great things about it.

I would say my favourite year at St Christopher’s was Year 7. Although it was a difficult year as we struggled with covid (at the start), I think it brought us closer together. Everyone was there to help each other. I believe I got closer than ever with my friends that year and I loved that we got to go on our Isle of Wight trip at the end. 

St Christopher’s has helped me so much throughout my journey here and there are many things I will take on with me to my next school. I appreciate everything this school has done for me and I’m upset and excited about the next chapter of my life where I leave this school and move onto my next.

I am really proud to have been chosen as head girl for this first term. It’s already been so amazing and I can’t wait to see what happens next. It’s nice to see younger children as it makes me realise how far along I’ve come.


My nine years at St Christopher’s have been astonishing. I have always felt like everyone has been very supportive and amiable to me. All of the students from Year 1 to Year 8 have all been welcoming to every student, new or old and I think that’s why I love this school so much.

I have been on many school trips-residential and daily-and always felt safe and received much education from them. Even though the school trips were for education, I always felt  that the teachers always made them entertaining and enjoyable.

When it comes to sport, I have always felt part of a team, no matter my skill level.

I have always loved playing rugby in the winter and in the mud, but I love it even more when I am with my friends, rolling and tumbling and having an unbelievable time. The sport teachers have never been judgmental and I have always felt part of the team.

Of my nine years at St Christopher’s I found my favourite year to be Year 4, as we learnt about my favourite books like the BFG and Harry Potter. We also went to Harry Potter world which is one of my best memories growing up.

I feel that being head of school is a responsibility to be a role model to younger students and to teach them to be the best person they can so that they can then repeat this and so even younger can do the same. I also feel that being a head of school means that you have a very special and powerful role, and to know that I was chosen for this role is incredible.

When I leave St Christopher’s at the end of this school year, the amount I will miss my friends, teachers and the school’s friendly atmosphere will be out of this world and when I go to my next school I hope that I will find as many kind and caring people there as here.

"Pupils demonstrate excellent moral understanding and take mature responsibility for their own behaviour."