The Head’s reflections on the week

Posted: 9th September 2022

I am sure I speak for us all when expressing my sadness at the events of yesterday. I spoke in Assembly this morning about the long and remarkable reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and the huge amount of change for the better that her reign saw in our nation. We are encouraging the children to express their feelings, but also to think about their place in history; the tapestry of events that shapes our great nation. We will reflect further next week. In line with protocol, the Union Flag flies at half mast in place of a House flag from now until the day after the State Funeral. Celebration Assembly, and the Head of School’s speech, will take place on Monday.

The new school year has well and truly begun and we find ourselves at the end of the first full week of school. The words that feature on the shields on our front fences have been much in evidence already this term. I have seen Curiosity about studying new topics; Confidence in applying themselves to the Challenge this will bring; Courage as children try new things or try again when things don’t go right first time; Creativity in their work and their play; Courtesy in the way they speak; Care of each other as they welcome new classmates; and a Culture of Kindness in general which makes St Christopher’s such a special place.

Last week, in my first Assembly of the year, I reminded the children of my expectations of them. We have posters around school that simply say Try Hard, Be Kind, Take Care. At St Christopher’s we Try Hard in everything we do, we are Kind to everyone and we Take Care of our school, our belongings and the people around us. I explained that these three simple rules ensure that everyone can make the most of each day at school.

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