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The Head’s reflections on the week

Posted: 4th November 2022

As you know, St Christopher’s was inspected this week. Some Heads I know dread inspections, but I have a different view. I think inspections are an opportunity to show off all of the wonderful things that happen at St Christopher’s: inspired lessons taught by dedicated, caring teachers; bright, articulate children who are engaged in their learning; and the wide variety of co-curricular opportunities like clubs, sport, art, drama, and outdoor learning. We won’t know the final judgements for a few more weeks, but the initial indications are very good, as I would expect. Thank you to everyone who filled in the ISI survey.

Our Year 8 pupils left very early on Thursday to spend three days in Dorset. The trip combines Geography fieldwork on the Jurassic Coast with a look at the history of the First World War, to enhance their understanding of war poetry from this period. There will also be plenty of time for fun and games at their base, Leeson House. I’m told that Mr Melton takes on all comers at table football. Residential trips like this are an essential part of life for our older children, and it is great to have them back again after everything that has happened. A video of their adventures will feature in the next issue of the Newsletter.

This half of the Michaelmas Term is always a busy one, but a delightful one, too. There will be exams for our oldest pupils, senior school pre-tests for many Year 6 pupils, all of this alongside the busy day to day teaching and learning. We are all looking forward to the thoughtful and moving Remembrance Service, the charming nativities from our younger pupils, Years 4 presenting The Wizard of Oz, Year 5’s adaptation of The Tempest as part of the Coram Shakespeare Schools’ Foundation, and Christmas carols in the Back Court (including a performance by our all new Parent & Staff Choir). Our Carol Service at All Saints Church on the 7th of December is another event involving our whole community that makes a very welcome return.

Ms E Lyle, Head

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