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The Head’s reflections on the week

Posted: 3rd February 2023

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There was a buzz in school this week for an annual event that always generates excitement, Battle of the Bands! Children from Years 3 to 8 have been busy rehearsing over the past weeks at weekends and at break times, with much effort going into costumes and dance routines as well as the music. The heats were held this week, and Mrs J Griffiths will be announcing the finalists soon. The final will be next Tuesday at 4:30pm in the School Hall, and parents are warmly invited. We hope to make a full video of the event available in next week’s Newsletter for those unable to attend.

The performing arts are a vital part of the co-curricular life of any school, and I am proud that they are in such fine shape at St Christopher’s. Performing on stage in front of an audience is something that many adults find challenging, so it is always wonderful to see our younger children taking their first steps out of their comfort zone and then relishing the applause of their peers. The older children, as ever, inspire our younger ones, and many of this year’s youngest performers say it was watching last year’s event that made them want to form their own group.

The standard on display at the top end of the school has been particularly high, with groups creating their own arrangements using unusual instruments and complex vocal harmonies. By coincidence, Year 8 Philosophy lessons have been discussing the concept of Nature v Nurture this week. Whilst it is not yet clear where musical talent truly lies on that scale, our older children can certainly show the younger ones where practice and dedication to musical performance can get you. In every area of school life, from academia to sport to the arts, our senior children model the rewards and benefits of hard work and applying yourself to achieve your goals.

After highlighting our work in the local community two weeks ago, I am pleased to let you know that Together Co, the local charity supported by Nelson Dragons, have been in touch to say thank you for the postcards I mentioned, which have been very well received by the people they work with. On a national and indeed global scale, we also had acknowledgement from WWF UK for the work our Eco Club are doing.

We are proud to be active in our local community, but being part of that community comes with responsibilities. I am sorry to report that we have received complaints about dangerous and illegal parking at drop off and pick up times. I was particularly concerned to hear about illegal use of a disabled bay. Please ensure that your parking does not endanger or inconvenience anyone.

On a final note, please look out for next week’s Newsletter on Thursday afternoon, as Half Term begins for the children at the end of the school day.

Ms Elizabeth Lyle, Head

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