The Head’s reflections on the week

Posted: 14th March 2024

The Lent Term is always the shortest, and this has been a particularly short one, but in true St Christopher’s style we have packed a huge amount into it. The last three and a half days alone have seen two plays, a trip to Herstmonceux observatory, a Mantle of the Expert workshop, House Celebration Day, the launch of a Science Challenge, eight sports matches, and the House Cross Country.

House Celebration Day brings our whole school community together in the Houses, each with their representative colour. As well as being an excellent way for children in different years to get to know each other, and the additional pastoral care provided by the House Staff, the House system is about healthy competition. Each week, the flag flies for the winning House and, this being the end of term, there were also shields to be lifted in the Final Assembly yesterday. I suspect some of you skip straight to the end of the Newsletter each week to find out who has won, before returning to my bit here!

As well as the House Quizzes and today’s Cross Country, of which the results can be found within, the four Houses have the challenge to see who can raise the most money for their chosen charity. The charities, a mixture of local and global causes, are chosen by the children in consultation with their House Staff. This year, Anson Lions support Off The Fence, who do so much for the homeless and vulnerable in our city. Drake Badgers are longtime supporters of Rockinghorse, based at our local children’s hospital, the Alex. Howe Dolphins have adopted WWF UK this year, and have already had an email from them praising their initiatives. Nelson Dragons support Together Co, who work with the lonely or isolated in our city.

Next year’s Lent Term will be a much longer one, due to a very late Easter, and it is moveable feasts that inspire my final message today. As of last Sunday, the periods of Lent and Ramadan overlapped, and are now happening simultaneously. With the celebrations of Easter and Eid ahead, it is the current time of abstinence and contemplation that I want us to think about, in a message accessible to those of any faith or none.

When we fast, or forgo indulgent treats, we glimpse another aspect of our world. We see that not everyone shares the conspicuous consumption we do. When we add up what we spend on indulgence, can we justify the expense? When we look at what we consume and what we waste, can we claim to be doing our best for the planet? If, once a week, we went without our regular Spiced Pumpkin Latte from our chain of choice, we could save over £200 in the course of one year. What difference could be made in the world with that money, by a charity like those mentioned above or any that you chose to support? A simple sacrifice on each of our parts can make a big difference.

I wish you and your families a very happy holiday.

Ms Elizabeth Lyle, Head

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