Classics3Children in the Lower School are introduced to the Classical world with ancient history and mythology. Study of Latin begins in Year 4, using the popular Minimus the Mouse books. Latin studies reinforce the children's understanding of the structure of the English language, as well as complementing their studies of French and Spanish. Latin is used as a living language for performing short plays or scenes. Year 4 visit Fishbourne Roman Palace to help place their studies in context.

Year 5 start with a more structured approach using a textbook and learning some vocabulary and Year 6 continue to build up on the grammar and translation skills. Year 7 use "Level 1 or 2 Latin Practice Exercises" textbook and Year 8 prepare for Scholarship or Common Entrance examination.

Greek mythology and stories of Hercules, The Trojan War, Odysseus' travels, Jason and The Argonauts are some of the stories studied in Latin.

Pupils studying Scholarship Latin may have the chance to study Ancient Greek in Year 8.

Click here for the ISEB Classics Syllabus: pdfClassics CE Syllabus.pdf

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