St Christopher's is a school for those of all faiths and those of none, as reflected by its Religious Studies and Philosophy teaching. Although collective worship is of a broadly Church of England ethos, visitors from local faith communities regularly speak in Assembly. We seek to foster a culture of respect and understanding for the beliefs of others.

In the Pre-Prep, RS is taught within the structure of topic work, often combined with subjects like Art or Geography for a cross curricular focus.
From Year 5, RS is taught by a specialist teacher. The six terms of Years 4 and 5 are divided between the six major world faiths, with each studied in turn. Year 6 sees an exploration of some of the more esoteric world faiths, the history and structure of the Bible, and an introduction to Philosophy and Philosophers.

The ISEB Common Entrance course begins in Year 7. Pupils are required to know a number of Biblical set texts, and to be able to analyse their message in the modern world. In the final year of Common Entrance pupils undertake a coursework project on a world religion of their choice, which is worth one third of the final exam.

Those who sit for the Brighton College Religious Studies and Philosophy Scholarship spend their final year studying a wide variety of religious and philosophical responses to issues such as animal rights, the death penalty and the very nature of belief.

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