Pond dipping at Woods Mill Pond dipping at Woods Mill

Science is taught throughout the school.  Whenever possible this work is heavily based on observation and experiment.

In Reception it is an integrated part of the cross curricular programme of the Early Years Foundation Scheme.

Years 1 and 2 closely follow the National Curriculum, teaching the children through a number of hands on activities designed to inspire interest in and enthusiasm for the subject.

In Years 3 and 4 we begin to extend and deepen the children’s understanding with topics ranging from the Living World to Separation of Substances.

From Year 5 it is taught by a specialist Science teacher in a well equipped Science Laboratory.  The work includes explanation of different forces and their action, the function of living organisms and cells. 

In Year 6 we study energy including heat, light, sound and electricity, chemical reactions, and reproduction and human biology.

The final two years are spent extending the pupils' knowledge in these areas to meet the requirements of the Common Entrance and Scholarship exams.  Extra topics include enzymes, extraction of metals from their ores and elasticity.

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