As Half Term rapidly approaches, it is worth reflecting on the beginning of the academic year and all that has happened since the gates opened for the start of term on Thursday, 30th August. Our new Reception classes have settled remarkably well, as have other children new to the school, many children have taken great joy from their learning, there has been a full programme of sports fixtures and activities, presentations, celebrations, trips galore, recitals and services. Life at St Christopher’s is never dull and the school is always busy. Your children will be ready for their half term when the gates close next Tuesday evening and staff will be too.



Week 9

Monday 29th October 2018
Term resumes
Year 7 and 8 French Speaking and Listening Exams
4.40pm Common Room Meeting

Tuesday 30th October 2018
Year 7 and 8 French Speaking and Listening Exams
Year 2 Trip to Jubilee Library (am)
Pre-Prep and Upper School Hymn Practice

Wednesday 31st October 2018 
Year 7 and 8 French Speaking Exams
1st & 2nd 5 a-side Girls’ Hockey v Dorset House (A)
U11, U10 & U9 Netball v BCPS (A)
1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Boys’ Football v BCLS (A)
U11A & U11B Boys’ Football v Shoreham College (A)

Thursday 1st November 2018
Assembly speaker: Nelson House Charity
Year 7 Brighton College Orientation Day
U10 & U9 Netball v Shoreham College (A)
U9/8 5 a-side Girls’ Hockey v Dorset House (A)

Friday 2nd November 2018 
2nd Marks
8.30am Celebration Assembly for Reception Parents at Glebe
Year 3 trip to Jury’s Inn Hotel (am)
Years 7 & 8 Boys’ Football House Matches

Saturday 3rd November 2018  
St Christopher’s Pre-Prep Invitational mixed football tournament for local schools (am)

Harvest Festival is one of my favourite services. I thoroughly enjoy watching the children leave the school, a wave of red blazers, I am very grateful that so many parents join us at St Philip’s Church and I count us very lucky to have the support and friendship of Father Robert (Chaplain to Brighton College) who engages so very well with the children and leaves us all with rather a warm feeling.

Today we have been celebrating ‘World Smile Day’ and some of our senior pupils handed out stickers during breaks to those who were making others smile. It is but a small part of a reward system we have which places kindness and generosity of spirit at the very heart of school life. More than anything else, I want a culture of kindness to be embedded at St Christopher’s and I believe that it is. Our ‘Random Act of Kindness’ wristbands, our Citizenship awards and our Buddy system are visual reminders of this culture.

If you think you’re not good at something, you won’t be, and so I was delighted on going into Year 1 classrooms this afternoon to see the children thoroughly enjoying their numeracy classes. I commented to them that I love Mathematics and they were quick to reply that they do too. For my generation and yours it became almost acceptable to say, ‘I’m no good at Maths’, thereby making success almost impossible. I do hope that the notion that it is okay to be no good at Maths is not one we will pass on to this generation. They would quickly correct such defeatism in Singapore or Shanghai and I would like that to be the case here.