Week 10


Monday 26th June 2017
Year 3 alternative Assembly arrangements
Year 2 trip to Drusillas Zoo
Year 8 paintballing (pm)
4.40pm Common Room Meeting

Tuesday 27th June 2017
Middle School and Pre-Prep Hymn Practice
Year 8 to Thorpe Park
4.30pm Tea-Time Recital

Wednesday 28th June 2017
U12A, U11B, U9A & U8A cricket v Westbourne House (A)
U12B & U11A cricket v Westbourne House (H)
1 st IX & 2 nd IX rounders v BCPS (H)
U11A, U10B, U9 & U8 v BCPS (A)
6pm Information Meeting for Reception September Entry Parents in School Hall
Leavers vs staff/Year 8 parents rounders match at Glebe 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Thursday 29th June 2017
Assembly Speaker: Year 8
Year 8 to Hove Lagoon (pm)
7pm Leavers’ Celebration and Summer Concert at All Saints Church
Summer Art Exhibition

Friday 30th June 2017
12.00pm End of term Pre-Prep
12.30pm End of Term

It has been a week of bright blue skies and soaring temperatures. Usually children wilt in the heat but ours have shown great fortitude and simply got on with things as children will when busy and engaged. The Pre-Prep Beach Morning, the Year 5 trip to the Seven Sisters’ Country Park, successful fixtures, Teddy Bear Picnics, rehearsals and plenty of exciting work in the classroom have kept the children very gainfully and richly occupied as we move towards the final week of the term.

We are incredibly lucky that Hove is framed by the sea and the South Downs and our 8H pupils made the most of the beautiful Downs landscape on Monday while their peers were beavering away at their Common Entrance papers. I am delighted that CE is now complete and that our most senior pupils can come together for a deserved break and some fun in Dorset. I hope that the sun shines for them.

Fifty four children performed in the delightful ‘Piano Recital’ organised by Mr Pedja on a lovely balmy Tuesday evening. It was particularly pleasing to witness the confidence of every child from youngest and least practised performing for the first time to oldest and most accomplished. I was very grateful for such a large and appreciative audience. Thursday afternoon was the turn of sport and again I was struck by the enormous joy that every child in Pre-Prep was taking from running, jumping, scrambling, crawling, throwing and catching. The Glebe Villas playing field was looking lovely, a few fluffy clouds gave relief from the sun and there was a wonderful sense of our community coming together. Today is Modern Languages Day and the children have sung songs, danced flamenco, and celebrated the rich variety of languages and cultures which make up their world.

The half term ends in high spirits with hot sunshine, examinations complete for the majority and the children ready for their half term holiday. The highlights of the week included a lovely St Christopher’s Day Service at St Philip’s Church and an all-action Assembly led by Mr Richards, former Chief Constable of Sussex and one of our Governors.The St Christopher’s Day Service raised the spirits, on a morning when spirits needed raising. The words of the school hymn resonated particularly strongly as did the beautiful singing of our various choirs. Our thanks go to Father Stephen Terry for the warmth of his welcome and the wisdom of his words, and to Father Robert, another hugely generous friend of the school who always speaks so engagingly and entertains the children so colourfully.