There was quiet in the school yesterday morning as pupils from Year 4 to Year 7 settled for their internal examinations. More than anything else, I hope that the process serves to help the children learn that sensible preparation, calm methods, and personal organisation make examinations very manageable and the outcome very fulfilling. Nerves are inevitable but not always a bad thing. Indeed it is often the things we get most nervous about that turn out to be the most rewarding. As the internal examinations began, the pupils in 8H were heading off for their Scuba Diving (they are kayaking on the Adur today). The Leavers’ Programme provides an exciting mixture of fun and learning, which those in Year 8 thoroughly deserve.

The pupils in 8H, our Scholarship set, are enjoying their traditional day off school today, having managed the rigours of their Scholarship examinations. They approached those examinations with impressive maturity and the process will stand them in good stead for the future. I was delighted to receive so many positive reports from Brighton College about the way they conducted themselves. Indeed I received one correspondence commending them for their politeness, courtesy and support of each other as well as their willingness to mix with pupils from other schools. Those who sat the Pre-test for Hurstpierpoint College also seemed calm and purposeful. Parents should hear the outcome of both Scholarship and Pre-test towards the end of this week or early next.

This is the 500th edition of the School Newsletter, illustrated with a range of photographs which give to parents a window into the life of the school and the achievements, triumphs, and work of its pupils. In this edition there is a copy of the first Newsletter which gives some indication of how the publication has evolved over the years since 2003. I am very grateful to the many who contribute to give parents a snapshot of the rich and vibrant life of the school.

On Thursday Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Harry Potter Studios and today Year 7 set off early for the annual trip to the Tower of London. Such trips are part of school life and enrich the learning experience as well as providing an opportunity for the children to enjoy the company of their friends.

As you are aware, our traditional Spring Fair will not take place this term, to be replaced by an Autumn Fair early in the Michaelmas Term. This will enable our most senior pupils to participate more fully, recent leavers to come back to the school having just started at their Senior School, and new pupils and their parents to taste the community atmosphere which is such a strength of St Christopher’s. At the Parents’ Association Committee Meeting the date was finalised as Saturday 21st September, but the Association is still considering the name. Please don’t hesitate to contact the Association if you have any suggestions.