Great care is taken to ensure that children in our Reception classes immediately feel a part of ‘big school’. They are welcomed at the gate not just by teachers but also by a buddy in Year 8 with whom a strong bond develops, they are allocated to one of our four houses and thoroughly enjoy our House Competition, they attend specialist classes at the main school on Wednesdays and they join Pre Prep Assemblies and whole school events.

However, they also benefit from their own carefully designed, eco-friendly  classrooms and play area at our Glebe Villas site, where they can enjoy the nature trail and sports pitches, a haven for them and an oasis for outdoor learning. This makes the transition from nursery to Pre-Prep schooling an easy one for them and enables play and learning to be subtly blended.

Highly qualified Reception teachers and Teaching Assistants ensure a very generous teacher/pupil ratio of 1:9 enabling the individual attention and close monitoring so important to achieving Early Years’ Learning Goals and strong pastoral support. The majority exceed the seven Early Years’ Learning Goals within a happy, caring learning environment and all thrive on learning which revolves around the interests of the child and his or her natural curiosity.

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