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The Head’s reflections on the week

Posted: 16th June 2023

Boy holding a yellow ball

It was lovely to see so many of you yesterday at Pre-Prep Sports Day. I watched from my window on Wednesday as Mr Rodgers, Mrs Sykens, and some of our senior pupils took Reception and Year 1 through the workings of the relay race. It was rather like herding cats at the start, but I was impressed with how well Reception got the hang of things, and how kind and patient our oldest children were with them.

Sports Days by their very nature involve winning and losing, from individual races to supporting your House. It’s a difficult lesson to learn in life, but we can’t always be first in every race we run. There is always a next time, and everyone has their own Personal Best to challenge themselves. As well as the physical benefits of regular participation in sport, events like this help to teach our very youngest children about resilience, always trying your hardest, and how to be graceful whether victorious or not. The phrase “healthy competition” is an apt one, and the growth mindset is once again at the heart of our message to the children.

As part of our Green Flag Eco School initiative, tomorrow’s Sports Day will be paperless. A QR code will be on display around Glebe Villas for you to access information about the events and running order. My thanks in advance to the Parents’ Association for keeping us in cold drinks throughout the day.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is glorious. I am reliably informed that St Christopher’s Sports Day has only been cancelled due to rain once in the last twenty five years; long may that record remain. I look forward to welcoming you tomorrow.

Ms Elizabeth Lyle, Head

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